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Rockewell NC United States

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Movies, Art, Love, Hate, Beauty, God, Devil, all aspects of life really- women, wine,and song-and all the special pleasures of doing something wrong

Im complicated, Im very laid back yet Im intense
I'm an only child so I have done alot of observing in society. I prefer film, music, art over the life draining process we call a career. I prefer sincerely nice people to so-called successful ones. I care more about what is in the heart. Im a extremely good listener. Im anti-establishment I do not think a bunch of jerks should have the write to tell anyone what to do and I cant figure out why most people just accept it.

Oh yeah if any ladies find this-I care more about sweeping you off your feet than you sweeping me off mine so feel free to email:)

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plain jane, a piece of art in a gallery that neither inspires or bores you :)

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There is no greatness without madness-Caligula
I find it disturbing that others can do to me what I do to them-Duran,Duran


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