All This Time

There is a softness to life

A fragile moment in which one sees the smallness on oneself

The weak aspects that give a warm and humble glow

The sense of not being as strong as we would like to be

Sometimes that is all right because maybe we have no other choice but to accept it

One is not invincible, cannot maintain

One's time comes to lose and yet the loss is not entirely there

Not so unbearable because the loss comes when the heart is broke and the soul is rendered to be nothing

Maybe the loss has been happening all along

Loss is part of life but some of the losses in life do indeed make us stronger and more determined

The loss still destroys us and therefore regardless of wealth and power and strengh that comes from the toughness

We are no longer ourselves, there is nothing left to be alive for

In this life or the next

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Hey what up mr.chad its Elf
No im not mad @ ya dad kinda blocked this site idk if on act or purpose. But i still cant get bk on my email im still grounded. Lol im @ school doing this XD. Lifes been shity as always and its getng worse. But im dealing with it and being fake @ home to keep parents happy. But g2g ill tr to talk to u soon. But i cant get on my email so idk when ill talk to u again. But im ok just in a bad sit. Hope ur doin good. Bye