The Celestine Prophecy

Tell me....................

Can't find a good person

Won't let me tell them what to do

Tell them what to wear

What to think

How to feel

When to get married and have children

Decide where to should go and at what times

Why does everyone seem to listen less Talk less and even stop buying cheap flowers after I sleep with them

Why I ask do they not stay qualified

After all I can give them a miracle from god for them to share their lives with

That they can spends limitless amounts of their hard earned cash on doctors, toys, clothes, to go along with the monstrous mortgage on the house that I picked out for him and my shopping habits that let me look perfect for the person of my dreams although I am now fours size larger

Yes such a perfect gift I think

I will make all better and if you are really lucky I will actually let you sleep with me some time this month

Maybe I should threaten to leave and take the baby, yes live without us I dare you to try and try to live without me telling you how to live it

You won't make it, not without my perfect little gift, my immaculate elizabeth arden glossed package

But alas, he is with someone younger and more in shape, he bought a convertible,and never visits the kids

He even claims to be happy to pay the alimony

Yes my package from god has been stamped

In reply to your so-called precious gift...............

Return to sender

Author's Notes/Comments: 

:) ah yes truth hurts sometimes, although Im sure you dont know what im tlaking about

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

I'm sorry that such things happened to you but your piece has nothing to do with the book Celestine Prophecy,I've read it and have the book in my collection of great writings. I think your analogy is there are many truths unknown until they actually surface but that's only my guess...