Sometimes it does something


It does something

no going back

Sometimes to cover it up-fine wine, good drug and with Jesus to save.

Nothing covers really-

Loving someone and letting them go

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Hey mr.Chad,
how have you been?
Wow havent seen or talked to u in awile.
Well things have been hell like always, nothin diff, nothin new.
But im still dealing and still working hard.
me n my bf kyle just went on our 1 year aniv on a
pril 8th. :) yay!
lol. He is wonderfull, and amazing,
lol he is very clumsy, and dorky, but i love it,
though he has broken his arm 2xs this year, and the last time bk in jan,
he had to get surgery and get a plate put in it.
But i take care of him, and make sure he is being carefull lol.
( i dt mind). He is a good guy, lol one of the few left.
but anyways, things are pretty much the same, expt im gettin rdy for the outside world.
I got one more year, b4 i move out and live my life for the 1st time. :)
Cant wait for that. lol. I cant get on here, very ofton, but just wanted to say hey, n see how u were doing.