No Child Left Behind--Columbine Revisited


walking the hallways, stalking the hallways

nothing is there, at least not yet

the gun is light, my heart is heavy

STEP STEP I march to my demise, some of you will be pushed into yours.

Maybe I can stop............ OOPS two rounds in the head of quarterback jock (you would think the braindead bastard would be harder to take)


Maybe I should let you go........... BLAM poor frigid christian girl shot through the cross, then through the heart. Who is high and mighty yet dies in shame begging in Christ name because after all, she sat in the front of the church.

Yet nothing but a deafening silence marked by a light that sends her on her way. Don't fret you will be on T-shirts and your church group will make a killing making you more of a martyr than the other girls aborted fetuses. Then everyone will go back to being jerks because thats what Jesus would do. If God is responsible for making people like you then what does that say about him.

Many will say Ive thrown everything away that I'm crazy n insane. Ill miss out on making money at some soul draining corporation and being shallow like mom n dad. I miss the jaded children Ill produce with my alcoholic wife that has affairs with many men.

Ill miss being old and obsolete There is no life to miss

One thing I will miss is the HATE.

I hate you all and what you are about-

You get to mock and destroy everyone while you go about in your bullshit idiot redneck christian american lives---you are the ones that are dead.

Oh yes I'll miss out-you have destroyed any chance of a normal accepted life.

Maybe when I was beaten everyday after school or when youre bitch girlfriend would mockingly rub herself all over me and laugh. perhaps it was when you threw me down the stairs.

Funny you mentioned-I shot your girlfriend while she was running down those same stairs-life has irony wouldnt you say. Oh thats right you dont know what it fucking means.

Well the time draws short, last call, the curtain will close

Be blessed with this fact little piggy

As you grow older and stay just as ignorant

Your hairline receeds, your belly grows

The bastard replicas of yourself grow to prey on the weak also

Your finances go to your multiple fat bitch wives........

Remember that I allowed you to live--NO not redneck Jesus, not fucking Dale Earnhardt Jr. but this frail, pale, faggot weakling that is so below you, allowed you to stay here so you can die slowly with the ones I didnt get.

STEP, STEP must depart

Yes I suppose you are right treating me like a mongrel for twelve years is not a reason to kill anyone.

But what is a reason to kill someone?

Youll wish you could have talked to me but be quiet because you have nothing meaningful to say

And you should be listening--for there are more of us out there and our voices will be heard

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I used to be picked on in school and I see other students go through the same thing. and I hate how society creates monsters with their ignorance yet does not want to take credit when that monster turns on them--you will have to learn the hard way

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blondelf's picture

hell ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dude that turned out fuckin sweet.
I loved this one very much because it shows what im going threw at the moment, and what every kid has to go threw.
Your really good, keep it up. Very well wriiten.
Erica Formanek