Holding-to whats left of real love in you

The wine is tasteless

The drug drowns your mind but not your heart that cries over and over in the dark.

No matter what happens after what rewards and tradgedies come your way, they are never so near as the person you long to hold in your arms.

That beloved ghost that manifests herself in the fog, whose thought embraces heaven until the realization they are not there rips away and drowns you in sorrow and perpetual oblivion.

Nothing is as wonderful as someone you love. You do not focus on the pleasures of making love as much as any excuse to hold them as close as you can.

As long as you can---you hold on

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Love is devine-that is before the reality sets in

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blondelf's picture

You hold on as long as you can, but some how, some way ur grip gets loosened and ur love slips away so quickly u cant catch them. It sucks. :( but very good and well said