Ashes to ashes

After a while

we just accept it

we live in the dirt and

there is just something

freeing about that

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Dirt and dirtnap

Sobering thoughts. We all end up returning to the dirt when our times comes to take the great dirtnap. Hopefully we'll emerge from that black hole into a whole new existence.

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    Thank God ashes to ashes



Thank God ashes to ashes is just about the body... not the soul


Bless your iconoclastic soul



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This is really cool. Get it?

This is really cool. Get it? seriously, you're right. I like this alot.

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To Lose Everything

and "live in the dirt" empty the mind of old cares for new ones. Like turtles without shells. To be homeless. To live in cars. So many displaced. I empathize and grieve the loses that plague those many. I laugh and dance, holding back the shadows,  but they are there omnipresently and will be for a while.





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we come from dust and will

we come from dust and will return to dust

but the spirit lives forever

ron parrish