I could have done some things


instead I did other things


today, I will do more things


To clear those blocks created


by a mind gone madd


by doing other things


regret cannot live in me


only gratitude is my dream


To live in the scenes of my minds creativity


it's a dis ease experienced in me


To heal by doing things


instead of other things


while I dream of doing things







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More Things


the best thing is when the dreamed thing happens. Great writing this - 

wondrous theme. Enjoyed - ~s~ 



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I am looking forward to the

I am looking forward to the good dream unfolding

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My Remark

We must accept that we've done things

When we should've done other things

But who knows if those other things

Were actually the right things?

I suppose the only thing

Is to be content with the thing

For if we can't bear the thing

Then we can't be happy with anything!


I enjoyed your write,

It made my night

And find it exciting

If you will keep writing.


From Your Friend, 


Post Tenebras Spero Lucem

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I love this comment!. It just made my day. A big smile. Thank you. 

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they come natural,not always

they come natural,not always the right thing but maybe not wrong either

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Hindsight shows me lessons and spurts of growth. All dots connect. I am as I am for having been who I have been. 

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I love your statement of this

I love your statement of this attitude.  This should be in all of the quotation books.


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yes indeed,we are shaped by

yes indeed,we are shaped by our actions