Character assassination

When one writes

Creating characters

Whom they get to know


Deeper than a reader

Would ever know

Then decides to

Kill that character off

As part of the tale

It hurts more deeply

Than anyone else

Could possibly


It's like killing 

A part of

Our very own soul




Author's Notes/Comments: 

A writers journey I have yet to take is noveling. The story is available to my mind but its scary to start the lines, which would kill her. 

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A Cast of Hundreds

I enjoy the spaces that are wide-open in writing novels. they are okay, but they own a lot of me in them. Poetry is easier (to some) shorter and more easily unloosed without damaging spirits or characters - usually. Interestingly, I am thinking about killing off some major chraracters, to add emotional range to main characters. Like GOT, Martin killed off Ned Stark (them most of his family). They tried to kill off Kit Harrington and got so much mail on it, they brought him back. I like this write. slc



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Thank you, Stella

I killed a poetic character a ling time ago. But I guess, I do have the power to resurrect. Perhaps I will someday. I guess one could always write a prequel if they miss their character too much. Appreciatec the read and comment! :)

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Guess its true

Some have stronger feelings for made-up characters than for real people. .even in cyberspace, you're real and not real at the same time 

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for sure

i have created one big made up character who is totally by best friend ever.

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