I know the road I walk

Each and every stone

The pattern of branch above

All the leaves the wind has blown

I know the ruts I tread

The ditch along the edge

How the light blasts into shadow

The twilight through the hedge

These things, these patterns calm

For me this is certainty

So imagine my deep surprise

When I found them not to be

As if I looked up for the first time

On a long and dreary walk

The landscape all around me

Not the familiarness I stalk

And being lost brought no fear

Being far from all that is dear

Just a shock that into me seared

Made me look deeply again at wyrd

Yes, which bend in the road am I on

Unexpected, to say the least

And I knew not this path had a fork

Though all roads on a traveler feast

Shall I stop now treading back and safe

Back through those hills I know

Or keep moving forward and onward

Through my unfamilar foe

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