Riding With Monte

I'm suffering from insomnia, do you
have any problems with
me driving?


I'll try to stay between the
lines as I drive
through my pass life to analyze
the lives
I affected,
was it positive or


You tell it, I couldn't
help but see
Their misery, it wasn't
how life should be.


I arrived to ease
the pain and advise a plan
to change the playing


For adversity wouldn't murder
their innocence,
like how it almost did it to me,
if you read my previous post
you'll know a devilish ghost,
was trying to provoke
to bring out that evil Monterio.


I'll never ever again let the
root of all evil get me
my friend,
also did you know the suicidal
fantasies that
haunted me,
I played Russian Roulette with Medusa and didn't lose,
or lost my future.
The pain that comes with
life I had to get use to!


Now thank you for riding
with me,
and don't fret the ride is
I just needed a person to
listen to me.

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allets's picture

Where'd Ya Go?

"...the pain that comes with life I had to get used to..." Wisdom from the poet - for all of us. Keep writing - we miss your voice ~allets~



MonteThePoet97's picture

I'mmmm Back!!!

I'm finally back, I lost access to my account. Sorry for my abstinence, let's continue spreading knowledge and wisdom through our writing.

Spirituality and diligence is key to achieving tranquility...