Post Poems (Thank You All)

Bright Poetry

I must thank everyone on this website.
You all rejuvenated my parch life.
Since I started to write I got over harsh times.
And learned so much from many bright minds.
Each time I logged online I read for hours and hours.
Every ones words has power.
Some of you guys make me cry with your stories.
Other's poetry makes me happy to be me.
So many walks of life so it differs from what we write.
This is Diversity City at it's finest.
We're everywhere on this globe so no one is left out.
Glad I found this house of poetry.
A place where I embrace the true me!
Be artistic.
Be creative.
Be inspired.
So many people on this site I'd admire.
Hope in the future success is what you all will see!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just wrote to express my fondness for this site and many others who post poems

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I Wrote

Addicted To A Poetry Site - have to dig it out - it's unreal, postpoemdotorgslashorg. I learn every time I read the poems. Just Bein' Stella