The night he held me in his arms my heart had finally found its home

I could feel the love he had for me with just a simple kiss

All my worries and fears had simply vanished as he pulled me closer

In all my life I never felt more loved than I did at that moment

I felt like a princess in his presence and he was my prince.

All my dreams were coming true for once.

I felt a happiness I had never experienced.

I could tell by his smile and his laughter he felt the same.

We were two lonely hearts beating as one that night.

Then the day came and we had to part ways.

The world seemed uglier and colder than it had been.

My arms feel so empty without him and my heart is broken because my love isn’t with me.

I will go through this life aching till the day I am back in his arms feeling safe.

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Hi, I read your poems so all were good and enjoyed so. I am also in this field since 1983 but unfortunately i skipped for the time being due to death of my friend who teached me wonderful poems.

Rab Nawaz Khan