My Efforts Just Leave Me In Welts


Here I am again,

totally caving in,

with everything crashing around me,

it's getting very hard to see.


I can't let anyone inside,

they keep trying to stay in stride,

with me they fall behind,

I don't know myself and what I'll find.


It all hurts now,

it throbs away inside every day.

The pain is physical now,

it won't end unless I can say...


that I am done,

that I have control,

that I won't let it rule my world,

no, not anymore.


It's not easy,

to bend and not to break,

I wish you could see me,

that this is more than I can take.


I often feel alone now,

because I don't deal like everyone else,

they smile and get by now,

but my efforts just leave me in welts.

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