In order to discern you must learn, to look, listen and learn.

Your worldly ways adjourn, just don't be to stern.


Remove your shoes and socks, step out of the box for the

world you now live is a paradox.


You may frown, you may feel you're about to drown, stand

firm, you will abound for your feet will placed on

Hallowed Ground.


So (be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to wrath) the

beginning to walking a righteous path. (James 1:19)


And you can't go by what the world think, when it says your

work stink. Keep doing your do and don't shrink, wink, you'll

emerge in the pink.


Nor don't shlep, do it with pep and take it step by step

because you're The Good Lord's rep, Yep.


There's about to open an important door. Just who is

this message for?

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This message

Is for all of us. Good 2 read U Milman ~S~