Foam horses

Desperately demanding space

Tranquil peace where I can place my head and rest

for  a time

And drink in the rainbows and watch the young lovers hold hands

As i wriggle my feet in the hot sticky sand

The sea is calling with a gallant will

white foam horses galloping across the watery plains

like phantoms  

He is there in my head, not moving out, cluttering my thoughts

angry words that were shouted and viciously I fought back

It is my nature you see

I am not looking at the lovers on the beach now

or the salty sea although it is magnificent

I am staring at a memory playing out behind my closed eyes

saline diamonds threaten to wet my cheeks

there is no greater loss

than that of a true friend

I know he is gone and everything has broken

The relationship was as fragile as china

Fragments remain to pierce my heart

Bittersweet memories that I cannot and do not wish to forget

Haunting me much as the phantom horses haunt the sea

Always moving away out of sight

A little bit too fast to clearly see

Just a grainy memory

Much like a faded photograph

Remains and I know I need to be strong

I learnt a lesson I played with fire and did not only burn my fingers I disfigured my soul

I hurt someone I loved

much like my guitar

broken strings dictate this song

never to be heard

but written for you.

I know I was wrong ....

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allets's picture

"...saline diamonds..."

Wondrous tears image, magic ~ Stella