Birthday Wish

My favorite gift this year
was the pleasure of your presence
for one final time.

We gazed into each other’s eyes
by the candlelight
and feasted on past memories.

The fire we once kindled
was still smoldering in your glance
and it comforted me.

And I finally believed what we had
though over was all it appeared to be:
you loved me once if not forever.

So with a new year upon me:
I blew out the candle and wished
for a love that would never go out.

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pudnsis1's picture

past memories

It is great to see words penned about one's past memories still being brought to present time. Hope your wish came true. Thanks for sharing, Linda

Fitzgerald's picture

Great poem and all your other

Great poem and all your other work also. Happy birthday! I hope all your wishes came through.