Shallow Relationships

Every relationship
I have is shallow.

It never goes deeper
than these surface pleasantries.

Our conversations stay with
the occasional “how are you?”
and never venture
into “how are you…really?”

I hate this superficiality.

But I’ve grown to accept
the fact that these acquaintances
don’t really want to hear
the answers to personal questions.

So I isolate myself
to defend from that rejection.

I build up this hatred
in my head towards people
who I think do not care about me.

It’s become a very lonely world
because I’m a protected fortress.

I try so hard to keep from feeling hurt,
but there is so much bitterness inside.

The pain is worse
than anything someone
could intentionally cause.

It eats away at me,
making me more
and more depressed.

Until one day,
I will meet someone
who truly wants to know me,
and I will turn away from them
out of habit.

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CoreyRyan1's picture

I can't agree with you any

I can't agree with you any more regarding how 'plastic' many in our society
have become. You're poem is great and is spot on, for I've felt the same way
since I left the microcosm that was home at 18 to study at university. I'm from
a rural part of this country and I can honestly say that superficiality has even found
refuge in the hearts of many here. Historically it's either the Arcadian or pastoral parts
of the world that are most apt to be devoid of human 'plasticity'. This tells me that
what awaits future generations as regards genuine human relationships is quite unsettling.