Daddy’s Little Girl

I was the twinkle in your eye~

the mistake that made you blink

and re-examine your future.  

I’m sorry because you think I’m  

to blame for your immature past,

your careless errors in judgment.  

Did I disappoint you before  

I was ever born like I have

for the past twenty years?  

I’m sorry for being selfish

even though you spoiled me

by always giving me my way.  

As I at fault when I try to  

earn your love by doing things

that I think will make you proud?

Your love was expensive;

it cost me a hour of crying

to receive acts of love in return.  

But true love gives when  

it is deserved and takes away

when it is negatively influenced.  

Did you know all I ever wanted

was for you to watch me and  

listen to me when I spoke to you?

Your monetary gifts meant  

nothing to me because they

were not given out of love.  

Love is actions, not gifts  

meant to stop me from talking;  

love is an ear at attention.

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Lesa Gay's picture

I can so identify with this write, but in my case it is my Mother that I have spent my lifetime trying to please. The more I did the more she hurt. Even today at 82 and in hospice care I never know how I am going to be greeted when we talk. I am either her angel or no one worth loving. I was adopted at eight months of age. I have spent my life on a rollercoaster of emotions with my feelings. Is it me, is it her, which of us is to blame? I have and always will love her, but like you said money cannot buy love and when she feels bad about the way she has treated me, her comes another gift.

I truly do understand how torn you must feel. Great write.