Like Mother, Like Daughter

You’ve taught me everything you know:

that no one can be trusted,

that no one cares about anyone

but themselves.

Who left you so jaded?

Why has your joy faded?

All my life I have tried to please you

although you thought everything

I did was selfishly motivated.

Were you watching me

or just bashing me?

All I ever wanted was

to be good enough

in your eyes.

Did I prove myself,

or do you still disapprove?

But now I see that

I could never please you

because you were preoccupied

trying to please your own mother.

It’s a game you won’t win;

you lost before you’d ever begin.

I’ve told you to give up~

that some people are just

rabid pessimists,

infected with misery.

I don’t want you to be like her

with your faith blurred.

Please I beg of you

surrender yourself to hope,

realize that even if she will

never believe in you,

I do and so does your Father.

He loves you despite the flaws;

He loves it all.

Open your heart to Him;

Let Him remove

the disease

you’ve transmitted from her:

bitterness and rejection.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by the second verse of Dead Poetic's "Vices"

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Thomas Westbrook's picture

Wow that is pretty deep stuff. You have some amazing insight into that relationship.