You are the reason

I'm so fucked-up.


I know it wasn't 

your intention

or your aspiration.


But that doesn't 

change the fact that

I'm so fucked-up.


You filled my mind

with insecurities

and doubts like your's was.


The ones before you left 

you with the same thoughts 

as you bestowed upon me.


And cycles do what they do

-over and over again-

and on and on, we go. 


For years I've tried to

reverse the damage 

that's been done

and turn back the harm.


But handed down rejection

leaves permanent scars,

deeper every generation. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by: "This Be The Verse" by Philip Larkin

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I applaud this response, in

I applaud this response, in your excellent style, to old man Larkin's poem.


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The paradox of blame and

The paradox of blame and responsibility across generations.


As the song Living Years goes: "Every generation / blame the one before / And all of their frustrations / come beating down your door."


I do not believe that this cycle exists in all societies. And most certainly, if it does, in some realms it's very subtle and often goes unnoticed, unsaid. I think that the cycle, and even more so the perceptions of it, are largely a product of excess and spoils of empire. Those living closer to the ground have far less time, and reason, to see themselves as a bi-product of a previous generation.