The Enemy

Divine Revelation

I spend the week 

plagued with thoughts like 

"I don't matter".

"What I say is insignificant".


I fight the voices in my head

telling me I'm not good enough,

that I won't amount to anything.


I want to end my life 

almost every day

week in, week out.


I don't think I should believe

that these words are the truth,

but instead are 

an unwarranted attack by the enemy.


But who is the enemy?

Am I am the enemy because

I create my own demons?

Or is there a stronger force at work?

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As A Writer


Every word is significant - someone reads the words and they are inspired! The writer does not see the outcome but it is always there. I just finished Treasure Island - oh the style, the descriptuve passages of the Island, the sea, the characters - Why it is a classic, right. Write it and give no care what others think. Speak, and someone will find the value of your mind. ~ Lady A ~