Personal (Hope)

My mind is a pendulum.


My thoughts weighed by
my mood which swings
back-and-forth with abandon.


I cannot always discern
what disposition
will strike me.


Or if the ticking in my head
will stop long enough
for me to make sense of it
before the bomb explodes.


Poetry is sometimes shrapnel-
raw and chaotic.


Other times it's refined
with all impurities removed,
every line dissected and edited.


Both are necessary
because each cleanses the soul;
both eliminate internal toxins.


The oscillation brings me
to a state of equilibrium,
gives me peace that stills
this beating clock in my chest.

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Pendulums - nice theme. Well writ and elements congealed nicely into a whole. Double bravo! Adored: "...both eliminate internal toxins..." Exquisite layering in this write- Lady A