Home is Where the Heart Breaks

A home should be a place
where you can speak your mind,
without judgment.


My dwelling is anything but.


So I've learned to keep my mouth shut
and my opinions to myself.


It's not worth getting into another argument
because I'm not allowed
to think differently.


I remember when what my parents stood for
shaped my convictions
even if I didn't know why they believed.


Then someone questioned my morals
and flipped my world upside down.


We are all a product of our environments
which means we pass down more than genes.


We pass down emotional wounds,
personality traits,
whole ideologies.


From generation to generation,
one broken heart to another.


No one tries to break the cycle.

And you think someone would.


How many times can you hurt someone
in the same way you were hurt
and not think that you should act
in the way you wished you were treated?


It only makes sense
but I guess it's easier
to fall into old patterns.


Patterns that turn us into
emotionally-wrecked zombies
and anger-filled citizens
and worst yet, criminals.


All because we weren't held enough,
loved enough,
good enough
in our parents' eyes.


What a small change
to fix so many of the world's problems.

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very well put. i felt every word because it reminded me of my world and how i was raised. it may take awhile but i plan to read more of your writing. hope you come and visit my writing also and comment. thank you for a great poem.