I hate you, you mind robbing theif

You have done nothing but consume me with grief

You take away someones life

And you fill it up with pain and strife

I don't understand how this could be

How you could take my grandmother from me?

Always so gentle, loving and kind

Why did you have to steal her mind?

To have her look at me and not know

It is a terrible feeling, a shocking blow!

But I will never forget all the times we shared

All the love she showed me, how much she cared.

Always know, my granny, you'll always be

The greatest gift God gave to me!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem for my Grandmother who passed away on April 26, 2002.  I will never forget you!

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vipervenomnu's picture

very sobering and heartfelt. You don't work well with rhyme though. It seems forced. And they are cheap rhymes. But still good subject.

phil_carcione's picture


This is such a horrible disease and extremely difficult for the families of those who have it. I think you expressed your grief very well and at the same time writing a good remembrance.

I'll share with you this piece that I wrote for another member of this community who also lost her Grandmother this past year. Just Click Here


Johnny's picture

it was a nice sweet poem. Not real deep, just full of emotion, filled with loss, and regret, and the aching and desire to see a loved one as they were once. I'm sure it's special to the writer in memory to her Grandma.

Jim Reed's picture

This is a beautiful poem. It touchs the heart. Sorry to here about your grandmother.