You Rejected My Proposal

I let you know I’m in love with you,

Profoundly and madly so,

Yet ‘no’ you said that day,

Hearing the word I had nothing else to say!


As I’m so emotional a person,

Hence there was a reason,

Behind my not saying anything else to you,

I kept behaving as nothing happened though!


May be you’ll be a part of me,

May be you’ll say ‘yes’ eventually.

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Hope is a bandage for the bruised heart. And ego!

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Thank you

Hmm! :)

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I Have A Friend

who told me he was looking for someone intelligent, rich, and artistic: he married a woman famous, wealthy, beautiful, and a friend of artist, an artist herself. Dream big and forget the small potatoes, go for the spud!
Spud Politics
Star reaching is over rated
sailing through constellations
can be a bit imaginary
literarily wishing Guinevere
and Juliet live up the street say
seeking the impossible
may have merit. Especially,
if Guinevere shows up
at your door without
Lance or that Arthur guy.
Lady A