You are Faint Like a Dream

You are faint,

As cut off each fervent tie,

Like a dream,

Long ago I!


I am way off now,

Like the far-flung star of the night,

The very separation hit me then,

Like the arrow of Achilles from the height!


Roam around like an arcane galaxy,

Since you as the black hole are a nightmare to me!

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Who I Was


Who I was has relevance

to a point, much gone

revised or edited out

forever. I am who I was,

of course. Still, layered

like a parfait full of fruit,

I have brilliant colors

where I was dull as dirt

before. When newer,

the lack of knowing

was an enemy to best,

the present me wonders

if the old me will come back

when the mind fades

and the memory of then

to now vanishes.


Stella L. Crews





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So brilliant! :)