Moving the World Toward Me


I spent a weekend in Seattle one year

and I’ve never even visited Washington state.

And I went to Oklahoma in a dream last night.

I often stop by because the scenery is great.

Somewhere deep inside part of your mind

is every experience that you’ve ever had.

A dream can tap into that part of your mind.

And a nightmare is only a dream turned bad.

And sometimes when I fall asleep late at night,

It’s quite amazing the things that I see.

I could try living my life in alienation,

or I could try moving the world toward me.

I once again ran into a girl named Amy

and my body froze up, I could barely speak.

Something about her was just a little different.

Something about her made my knees weak.

The drummers and the quakers and the physicists

are just a few people I’ve met along the way.

And tomorrow I’ll be philosophizing with dogs,

but I just don’t have the time to do it today.

When I stare at the horizon I can see California.

Monterey, San Diego, L.A. or Berkley.

Maybe I’m fantasizing of a life in the sun.

Or Maybe I’m moving the world toward me.

There are a few dozen things to take care of today.

And a handful of places I need to visit soon.

And a few thousand people that I need to talk to.

And a few million stars are dancing around the moon.

And there’s a song I need to learn the melody to.

Then I need to melt into the pages of a book.

There’s a brand new language that I need to learn.

And so many dishes I’d like to be able to cook.

And there’s a girl I need to talk to one day.

And ask her if somehow she can agree

that it never feels right to be stagnant and still,

that’s why I’m moving the world toward me.

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