State of Love and Peace


Anger permeates from my being at this treacherous moment.  

As we continue to lose our innocence piece by piece.

Greed trumps rational thought.

Fear beats understanding.

Paper covers scissors.

But only for a short time.

Until the world sees the paper for what it is

and cuts through all its lies.

Someone please shuffle the deck again.

It’s been tampered with and stacked against us.

The good news is that my anger

doesn’t crucify my inner peacefulness

My anger is just a branch.

A branch on a tree I planted in my soul called love.

And this tree has so many branches

of so many different sizes

of which anger and fear are two of the weakest.

And I’d like to take the strongest and largest branches

and wrap them around you

in the times when you need a friend.

Someone to listen, to hold, to comfort.

Don’t feel bad, we will win in the end.

Love, peace, and kindness are a hand that can’t be beat.

And when all the cards are on the table

I’ll smile at you and say

Thanks for shining your light so brightly.

And the tree I planted in my soul

will connect with the tree you planted in your soul

And with so many others like us

Until we create the most beautiful forest.

And we’ll live in that forest forever

in a state of love and peace.

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poetvg's picture

good work
on this one

darkangel358's picture

Hey Jerry,
Great poem... I love the "forest" thing. Keep writing & keep the faith. Peace.