The Gods


Jesus talked to Buddha

and said, "check it out, my friend.

I'm getting kind of worried

about the people down there again."

Buddha said to Mohammed,

"look at them play their games.

They fight each other to the death,

and say they do it in our names."

Krishna yelled, "it's true y'all.

I've seen it for myself.

Why don't we call up Moses.

We sure could use his help."

Allah told them, "you know guys,

I had a funny thought.

What if we acted like they did?

What if we always fought?

Will we ever get them to change," he said.

"and someday call a truce?  

It's been going on a long time now,

just ask Isis or Zeus."

Then Jesus said to Buddha,

as they watched from up above,

"there's still some people down there

who practice peace and love."

Buddha said, "you're right, bud.

This planet's not yet dead.

Let's help those people make their love

really start to spread."

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I enjoyed this a lot. Thanks for the smile.

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Petrie Dish World

We consume all the resources, pollute what keeps us alive. If such a chat took place it would end with, "Next!"