Of Founders, Royalty, Oligarchs, Slaves, Peasants and Servants

No man

Who thinks he owns


Can be a great man.


Even if

Morality, ethics

Soullnessness of actions

Are, a moment, set aside


Man's statue crumbles

When much of his "greatness"

Is actually property

Of those whom he "owned".


And some day,

Some place

Even if only

In the corridors of Truth,

Of this re-claimed stone

All will find built

Their just-deserved homes

And monuments.


The more I learn,

The clearer I see it

Here and now.


I'm walking through

What, for now,

We still call

DC's National Mall


And, outside of structures

To Dr. King

And people fed

To the war machine


All I see

Are unmarked graves..

Rubble being hauled away

And unmarked graves...


Pausing at one,

I notice

A dented address sign

Emerging from crumbled stone.


It appears to me

That this potter's grave used to be

2 15th street

NW Washington.


No name here enscribed,

But one thing peculiar

For an nameless stone,

quite peculiar, for sure.

It, like others here,

In but one way

Was engraved.

Very, very clearly it read:


"No man

Who thinks he owns


Can be a great man"


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Is the pivotal word. Victors of wars write history and edit out the rebellious spirit desirous of liberty. Well said. If we survive ourselves another hundred years, the generations between here and then might realize and actualize greatness in pmajorities.