That Statue Turned Green (Long Ago)

as word came in
on the back channels
police guarding
a dumpster in portland
preventing the hungry
from not paying the price,
one night,
for being on the outskirts
of a rich man's banquet


fellow brooklynite asked me
what happened
to bring me your tired,
your poor and
-in short-
when someone needs help,
opening your arms


i reminded him
that statue turned green
long ago
and no one cares,


plus, look
behind her
there are people atop skyscrapers
and in those mansions
up the hudson
whose ancestors
saw only access servants in every word


the unkind are king

hell, make it sound cooler

'the cruel rule'

and even though

the average alien

still says "take me to your leader

..i'll serve"

that statue turned green
long ago
and no one cares,


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Excellent Images American


Lady Liberty was a great idea, then world cruelty sent brown people to the gates. Biden has Merkle syndrimr - doors open: Here we go DACA and here over a decade: Make em new citizens in time to vote in 2012 hmmmm... Lady Liberty learnd Espanole!


Well writ lines. Enjoyed artistry and perspective.



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Thank you for the compliments

Thank you for the compliments - glad that you appreciated the write, Stella.


Great ideas, in politics, are a funny thing - they rarely form into action in the physical world. And, even when they do, they are often done so because they finally fit a profit scheme, or are quickly manipulated/abandoned/retracted/forgotten for profit and power.  1885, when Lady Liberty arrived, was the height of the Industrial Revolution in the U.S. By no coincidence, inviting immigrants was on paper, beautiful for enriching lives, but in reality, most beautiful for the rich participating in a profit scheme that created the greatest inequality in the U.S. history until this past decade (immigrants were the cheapest labor available, w/o minimum wage). Of course, later on, 'brown people coming to the gates' renewed a chance to have sub-minimum wage labor in the U.S. (and flood the job market, also freezing the minimum wage for a long, long time), but only as long as this new labor force was deemed "illegal", and therefore not subject to worker rights. The long terms effects of imperial colonialism on South America created this new opportunity, to begin with, of course.


In light of this, I don't know how much the new administration is going to do to change things. DACA will be re-implemented (but the Supreme Court had already ruled in favor of re-implementation late in the previous admin), but I don't think the ruling class wants to flood the job market too much more, considering there's already a huge shortage and while massive distractions are preventing a real revolt, I doubt they want to risk tipping the scale. So I imagine the current "flow" of people crossing the borders, and of those being sent back, will probably continue at a similar rate. I would expect typical politics: president says "I want to make ___ better", nothing good really happens. But media outlets will make a big deal, anyway.


And I very much with you that those who do become citizens will be voting for whom ever the "D" is, by the way. Rack up those voter rolls.





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So powerful. You made an

So powerful. You made an important statement and invited us to be better as a nation, and you accomplished it with relaxed charisma and an engaging style. Superb. 

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Thank you very much,

Thank you very much, Patricia. I appreciate the encouragement that it came across well.