Just Snowflakes

Twisted Branches

What if

We're all

Just snowflakes

Falling from the sky?


Each an


Each so


Each, though,

Just a part of a storm

Like interlocking metal beads

Making the ultimate shotgun wreckling ball?


Is this a raging blizzard

That must carry on?

A raging blizzard

Within we all play a part,

Like angels and demons

Dangling from the strings of God?


Yes, a raging blizzard,

Despite apparent division?

It turns out that we all

Actually fit like a puzzle,

And Hope and Goodwill

Live in the Donner Party

Trapped in the mountains, starving,

Thanks to the way we all fit together


What if

We're all

Just snowflakes

Falling from the sky?


If so, Hope,


Stick out your weary tongues

Please don't let us all

Hit the rising ground








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Evocative Write


I think of the sea rising and climate change, weather norms severely shifting while the pattern-makers argue over a few trillion for Wall St. to scoop up and export.


The poem is about snowfall and its sources and potential endings.




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The "pattern-makers" - I like

The "pattern-makers" - I like that term. I feel that we must help mess up the grand pattern by removing ourselves from the it. Each being that lost piece of the puzzle that they are left to franctically search for, having come so close to finishing, but cannot find. That thought brings me pleasure and joy :)

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We Will End Badly


Combine all the horror, apocalyptic, dystopian movies together...it's gonna hurt - our descendants will curse us for what we bequeathed them. The irreversable. The dinosaurs in the Jurassik Park movie as the volcano consumes the Island. So Earth can heal.




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Unfortunately, in some sense,

Unfortunately, in some sense, though perhaps not so apocalyptic as dystopian, I indeed believe you are right. Which is why we need to each remove ourselves from the puzzle now. We have to become stumbling blocks for Lemming Harmony.