An Army of Questions


If I raised an army of questions

And marched them to your doorstep

Would I be punished,

Even slaughtered

As if I raised an army of men

Now that fools

Have let themselves be pawns

In a storyline already drawn up

Starring a Pinocchio

Who believes he's a real boy


In a game where the winners

Are those who buy the rules

They sell pamphlets to the losers

On how to beat themselves

Each pamphlet airlifted

Packaged to a target tribe

Hey now, you march in violence

While they'll call out for muzzles

The real strategy is clearer then ever

A total, irreversible victory

Over anybody raising An army of questions

But still I'll march them to your gilded door knob


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Question Armies

Militarization of really fine images. Lots of ?'s indeed. 




lyrycsyntyme's picture

Thank you. We all need to ask

Thank you. We all need to ask what we believe needs to be asked.

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An inventive write, for sure. I could certainly raise an army of questions, but they would probably mutiny and then turn on each other — leaving me speechless.

lyrycsyntyme's picture

You speak of the process of

You speak of the process of finding clarity :)