Billionaire Philanthropists

When their cup runneth over
They said that it would trickle down
Of course the chalice kept growing larger
It's a dam where a village once was, now
But do not worry, my neighbors      
Downstream from a plant run by Dow
Water is now flowing steady
Through our thirsting, relocated town


Can't believe they kept their promise
They said it would trickle down

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Sad truths. When will it

Sad truths. When will it end? 

© Ground

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Probably when there are not

Probably when there are not many of the 99.9 percent left, and the "philanthropists" turn on each other, with nothing else left to gain. Their insatable appetite for wealth and power will very possibly be their only lasting road block, and their ultimate demise. Or a comet - ask the dinosaurs ; )


Thank you very much for reading, and sharing your thoughts with me.

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We got NASA revitalized, lower taxes for  1%ers is so goooood especially for the poor. People don't need money, prices are too high anyway and the thin middle can no longer be predicted to spend according to the platternmaster's designs. We can pitch greeting of Happy Recessiom and say hello to Happy Inflation. The market broke record with 30 thousand shares traded: Oops,  those adorable 1%ers do not know where to hide their stashes. A commet? We should all hold hands and do something useful like waiting for the Second Coming. 

Great trickledown pun.





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Yes, suddenly lots of stories

Yes, suddenly lots of stories and "leaks" about UFO's and aliens in the news, apparently - just in time for all of the super powers to promote "space forces" to their populations. Tracy Chapman wrote a great song called "America":


"I see your eyes seek a distant shore
While you're conquering America
Taking rockets to the moon
Trying to find a new world
And you're still conquering America"


No lyric I've heard could sum the sentiments up better.


We are facing historic wealth inequality, and a permenant catastrophy as jobs vaporize into greed-driven AI, so it seems all distractions and divisions are being called up like a national guardsmen being summoned to Capitol Hill.