Sand Box Children

Thought For Food

The Golden Rule
Of those who Worship the Gold
And I Quote
"Elections cannot be allowed
To affect economic decisions"
So they let pleebs play
In the cat shit
Sand Box
of Voting


This, ultimately,
Means nothing
Pick your puppet

Vote on that resolution
And fight over the three shabby toys given
In the sand box of four kids



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Quick inspiration following a read of Allet's piece on the UK, EU and Brexit. This is more broadly about the EU, but even more truly about economics the whole world over.

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We Outgrow The Monetary Flow

Evolved inside laws that were designed to protect the rights of plantation owners over 13 municipalities and protect the most propertied from each other. I dub thee "Over Crowded Sandbox Politics".

Thanks for the kudo.