Fallen Angel


Beloved, where are you leading me

And why are you trying to entice me

To experience the fruits of the Earth?


How much longer shall our souls 

Twist and turn upon this rocky path

Before we can dance the dance divine?


You look at me with your soul’s eyes

And all I see is the flame in your heart;

As your lips meet mine, the fire consumes me

As it snakes through my veins

Igniting the flame in my own heart.


But I dare not let it stay there

Lest you learn the secrets that I hold.

We are from different worlds

But we were drawn together

By an inner force that we could not deny.


My freedom has gone  

I stayed here too long!

My body is bound by the chains of materiality

And now I cannot escape the Spirit of Love

As he takes deadly aim.


I shudder as I feel the arrow pierce my heart

But with soft fingers, my beloved removes it

And heals the wound with his kisses.

And as the vibrations throb through my body

He places a lock upon the chains.


Am I to be the eternal prisoner of Love?

A slave to the ecstasy running through my body?

Halt for a moment, my love.

My heart is weary, let me rest.

Let me find the key to unlock these chains.


As my love sleeps, I probe his mind

And discover the key hidden in a sacred centre.

At last I can unfold my wings!

Because freed of theses chains

I remember who I am. 


You have a choice, Beloved.

Will you ascend with me to the stars

And let me help you remember your heavenly home?

Or are you going to stay here on earth

And forever tread the wheel of rebirth?


Lynette Asmar



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem about ten years ago after a metaphysical encounter. 

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KindredSpirit's picture

I came across this

And want to say

I really liked it.

No matter how old it is.


lynetteasmar's picture

Thank you for your comment

I have a few from around the same period that I'll put up, but I should get out of book writing, back into poetry. It was very nice of you to comment. Thank you