Let Me Sign

Let me sign 

This letter to you

Write my confessions

Of lifeless secret

Something you can have

Keep it

Cry over me

Over my grave

Speak for me

Be brave

Think of me in your sleep

The memory of me keep

The hugs and laughs

Let them last

In your mind

All inside

Now read and understand

I wasn't born to be who I am

So I ended this for you to see

That I am gone now

So just leave

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Dear Johnny

it ended before it started

and now it is too long waiting

to be over. Best wishes,

your eternal x. 




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    A mournfull poem, the



A mournfull poem, the character sounds almost pleased they died! Your poem is macarbe but it holds no self-pity. The rhyming of the poem is realy good and about bitter sweet feelings and memories. Liked your poem an enjoyable read even if sad.




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Thank you

Thank you so much for your take on "Let Me Sign" :)