To Fall In Love

Love Poems

To fall in love

is to realize

reality can feel like a dream

when you are slipping away in his arms.

His kiss melts your skin.

Two being of life

standing before eachother

in just the same bone strcutre

we are all made of similarily.

There is nothing

not even air

that can get between the two of you.

Becoming molded into one,

fingers knotted together,

lips glued together,

hearts entertwining.

Mind and soul.

You are love

eternally grasping for eachother,

two bodies holding on for dear life

so gently

as to never wanting to leave one scratch

because we can crack and shatter,

Our love a dream,

a dream

that cannot always


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sorry it has been a while since I have posted. I ran out of pages in my journal and never got a new one till now. Don't know why but I suck at writing on my laptop. It just has to be on paper. Missed you all. See you around.

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Writing On A Typewriter

Used to be high tech. I hope that one day paper will be too slow to get out all your creativity. The process speeds up, it is about the pause between idea and written form. I hand write grocery lists - poetry is a state of seeing. U rock! - allets