Waiting to Inhale

i'm out of pop and patience waiting on you.
my heart is as empty as Jesus' tomb.
you keep leading me down into the fire, but i burn out after you leave.
i'm sitting here holding a tissue and a pen.
waiting to inhale your exhale once again.
i got a song creeping into my head because you left my heart bleeding again.

there's anticipation and then there's playing games.
i'm confused more and more every day.
do you even know what you're doing to me?
i keep waiting to inhale when you exhale on me.

it's been one week and three days without you.
i hunger and ache to feel your skin.
the tast of you does me in.
you say you're hurting too, but you aren't here, so am i the fool?

i'm thinking about the last time.
my body cooled while my heart caught on fire.
you burned me down from the inside out.
can i trust you with my war torn heart?

there's joy and then there's sorrow.
i'm at a lost as to which one this will be.
do you care that you tie me in a knot?
i keep waiting to inhale your exhale one more time.
i feel like i'll be waiting until i die.

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