It's Only Love (And Love Should Be Free)

I believe in the rights of the many
The heterosexual
And the homosexual
So deal with it
I am so sick of this shit
True love is rare enough as it is
Why would we ever want to fight it
It doesn’t matter if it is
Between a man and a woman
A woman and a woman
Or a man and a man
We are talking about
Consenting adults
Who deserve the right
To say yes I can
And marry the love of their life
Without worrying about having that right
True love should be encouraged
And celebrated
Not fought over
By people filled with hatred
But hey that’s just me
Someone who truly believes
In the land of the FREE

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should one not also be free,
to simply disagree with homosexuality?
should one not also be free,
to have a clearer view than most will see?
What's marriage but a practice well defined,
a male and female sanction of two minds
And how so instantly that act is wrong,
just because some feel they don't belong?

One such class I should not like to fall,
is handicapped, have mercy on them all,
I take no issue with how they're defined
To gain as they do I'll not have in mind
For if one day disablement strikes me,
then at that time a handicapped i'll be

So now the issue has some clarity,
same sex couples have no sanctity
Where marriage caters to opposite sex,
Preferences are not prerequisites
Several homosexuals today,
Marry through tradition, even gay
Who can say that homos have no mind,
to use the act of marriage as defined?

The solution is a two part hit campaign,
The first to step back and retract some blame,
to recognize that no one has done wrong
Supporting what existed for so long, or
Supporting making same sex couples strong

Step two is giving same sex couples clout,
The same as marriage does when sexed about,
Recognizing each's right to both,
Regardless of which sex you like the most
By doing this it makes the point real clear
That lack of definition can't compare
To preventing due to color of one's skin
Such a battle can't be hoped to win