Missed Opportunities

I made a choice, but it was too late.

I wish I could go back and have a fresh slate.

But, I know nothing lasts forever.

In a hope my dreams could come together.

It's alright, I’ll get another chance,

To take a stance.

To make a difference,

In a world of resistance.

Don't worry, I will get my day.

To shine on what I say.

God opens a window no man can shut,

So in the end I’ll get my cut.

Until then, I’ll wait here, hungry for success,

And, waiting to be blessed.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this piece in seventh grade. But, I thought it was cute, so that's why I am posting it. x)

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line 9

Very sentimental...juxtoposing  hope and regret..definately mindful, and heartful. I am most certainly no expert on any one thing, and certainly not attempting to snip the intellectual golden threads from your craftsmans' loom, but line 9 could use a second look. it just struck me as the wrong chord.  great read

hopelessly-candid's picture

Thank you :) and I really

Thank you :) and I really appreciate criticism so I will take this into serious consideration :)

a.griffiths57's picture

  What a good write, just


What a good write, just loved the rhyming also. Hope you have not long to wait for success, be it poetry or whatever. With hindsight what different choices we would make and make our lives better!




hopelessly-candid's picture

thank u so much :)!! ur so

thank u so much :)!! ur so right if only...... life would be so much easier xD

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Sounds like it's time to

Sounds like it's time to manifest.

Copyright © morningglory

hopelessly-candid's picture

lol funny that u say that

lol funny that u say that bc at that time i felt so like passed up and unnoticed u know wat i mean...

Morningglory's picture

Yeah, been there a million

Yeah, been there a million times.

It's just BS coming from our own minds.

The Universe provides all the love we need.

We open up to her and everything falls into place.

Copyright © morningglory

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I didn't start writing poetry

I didn't start writing poetry seriously until I was 19. This is very thoughtful and relevant still - we all feel under appreciated, invisible at times, and looked over - but poets have egos that scream at stars, how can mere mortals ignore us for long. Success is a mind set, not a bank balance or a promotion. As a success, you need never worry about losing what is impossible. :D ~Star~