Down Poison


"Down Posion"    2 - 10 - 02

again it stabs

again it fights

my Life and my Death

wage on thru the night

I toss and I turn

I yell and I scream

but my stomach still churns

and the poison still streams

aching and searing

it burns and it scars

but my Life I am still wearing

it hasn't left me thus far

How many times?

How many tries?

How many more ways?

How deep will I pry?

I have lost count

of the tries, the lies

I keep feeling the hurt

of this life and its flies

that buzz around me


bugging like vultures

waiting for inevitability

to take it's toll

to seize my soul

but this poem is the end result

the poison still burns, it's Life....

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Leslie Allred's picture

OH MY GOD! i love that poem! its sssooooooo great!!!