i have a feeling

you may not know

by the way i am

my radiant glow

i hide this feeling

deep within me

inside i shelter

this horrible being

it is a feeling

not well liked

its sensation

ramming, spiked

running deep

thru my heart

breaks my spirit

tears me apart

this feeling is not love

nor one of hate

but one of loss

a horrible fate

this empty feeling

has a name

good or bad

its all the same

a feeling called Pain

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I CANT FIGURE THE LAST VERSE!!!  HELP ME!!!!!  I need a title too if you want to do all that work for me - lol  thanks to anyone who does help or even tries  means alot --- all fixed   anyone like it???

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Esmer Olvera's picture

I like this poem lots...especially the end ;)