Keep me safe

Keep me in your heart

There way down below 

In the ditch where all 

The other things you 

Care about go. 


Where all your childhood lies with 

Those sweet dreams of dragonflies, 

Fire fighting and your love for music 

Which never seems to die. 


Keep me safe there until your next love begins. 

Where she'll keep me company until 

She breaks it like the rest did. 

So I can try to fix from all over again


And be kept close there every night . 

When you release I might be the only one

Who was brave enough, who dared

To actually make a home there.

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You're very welcome :)

You're very welcome :)

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Wow, that's a really creative

Wow, that's a really creative way of looking at one's place in the human heart. You collide the brutal and thorny, with the pure and beautiful.

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Thank you that really means a

Thank you that really means a lot to me. 

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I'd add that you've

I'd add that you've discovered something that we can only all hope to discover in our lives. That to love another, truly deeply, requires going a step further than might seem fair or simply "just".