This is What I Say

When I tell you I love you, this is what I say.
I say your Spirit moves me as a cool summer breeze rustles the myrtle leaves.
I say your joy ignites a molten fire deep within – that none other can quench.
I say your confidence brings security to my bones.

Oh how thankful I am to say – I love you
I remember the moment when your eyes opened to see the woman in me that loves thee.
Now, freely I speak my love, it is everlasting and unconditional.

My love is strength to your bones – Always elevating, motivating, appreciating the man in thee.
For in Christ you are complete, and
As the head –
Listening to the voice of our Father is a skill you have mastered.
He is the head of thee –so I trust you completely to be the Man of God for me.
Yes the woman in me loves thee

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The Queen speaks...and the world will listen. Keep yours coming lady...the world needs you!