Holding My Heart

I’m holding my heart just waiting for you

Give me fire in my soul make me feel brand-new.

This burning desire fascinations hold,

Come be mine till time grows old.

Unnoticed by you emptiness inside,

My torturous heart an anguished cry.

My soul mourns, this fire inside burns,

And all for your love, but away from me you turn.

I cannot handle this infinite ache

My heart rips as I realize loving you was a mistake.

It hadn’t been meant, fate had lost her hold,

And now my reality, so lonely and bitter cold.

I hurt. You cannot know the feel,

This bleeding heart, and I loose my will.

But as you turn your head I try to speak,

A rainbow of tears, and I cease to think.

Why? Can you please answer, tell me and I will know,

Why you left me as our love began to grow.

I guess it really no longer matters,

I was holding my heart for you, but now its shattered.

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