Bye My Heart

Bye My Heart

The first times passed, but I can still feel the pain,

The maddening heat, love’s lost flame.

All consuming this ache inside,

And through my tears, I search for a rainbow, in the cloudy sky.

Fire, I’m on fire from this curse of time

And this thing called love, is Imbedded so deeply in my mind,

Lost, lost treasure you were my soul, you tore it apart

Now, I feel the emptiness, without you, my heart.

I try to wipe the tears that fall, I want my hearts ache to ease,

But then your memory calls, beckons to the day you left me.

So how do you stop the tears that fall, and ease a lost lonely soul?

As the pain digs deeper, it’s so hard to maintain control.

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awesome work
on this one .