The light Or My Darkness

Darkest Poems


Which am I in now
I see no light
I see darkness all around

It call's to me, should i answer it?
Yes i think I will
Darkness is in my heart, soul, body and mind
Things are so wrong
Things hurt to breath
It hurts to laugh-Nothing to laugh about
It hurts to smile- nothing to smile about

Darkness~ it is my life now
Why do you ask ???

Darkness does not hurt
Darkness is soft, like slik
Darkness is life, it is love
The Darkness is the only thing that has never left me

Oh Darkness my lover eternal
I will always be in your grace

Is God Darkness? or is someone else?
Is Darkness God, in his new life
Is Darkness Me
Yes the darkness in your life is me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Darkness is what i fell...

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