angle Wings above

She was my angel

She is my guardian angel now

she watches over me night and day

She is my grandmother

I have not seen her in many years

I can still feel her in my life

I loved her with my heart

I loved her deeply

Deeper than I love myself

For she was and is my guardian angel

My grandmother, My angel

My one and only "nana"

I love her with all my heart

I can sense her in my life

with all that I do

I can sense her in my daily routine protecting me from harm

She is my inspiration

She is my light

She is one of many who watch over me

She is one of many who care for me in the "afterlife"

She is one of many whom I seek in my advice

My angel above

Answer my call

I need to feel you again

I am missing your thoughts

I am missing your prayers'

I am missing your love and warmth

For all I feel is cold, cold darkness

In my life

Let me be, free once again To love

Let me feel your love again

Let me hear the sparrow sing her happy song

Let me hear the rabbits making sweet love under the brush

Let me hear spring all around

Let the warmth warm the scales on my wings

Let my wings soar high once again

To watch over the ones I love

Grandma, your dragon is hurting

Grandma, she is seeking your advice, Help her.. Once again

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written in memory, of my grandmother for I loved her and miss her dearly...

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